Media Coverage & Reviews

Post Low-Fat, Greenwich’s Jean-Louis is Sublime
John Mariani (Bloomberg)

“Urban sophistication without a scintilla of pretension.”
Upscale and Down to Earth
Judith Hausman (Journal News)

“Don’t fight the tasting menu, it’s the best of the best. Recommended for small groups of business people and couples.”
Mariani’s Virtual Gourmet
John Mariani

“An ever evolving, very personalized French cooking…You can bank on Jean-Louis to be cooking or overseeing everything that comes out of his minuscule kitchen…simply relaxing and smart…prices Jean-Louis hasn’t changed in a decade…”
Travel Guide to New England
(Yankee Magazine)

“Editors’ Pick”…“A “must-see” for travelers.”
Neighborhood Favorites
(Elite Dining, San Diego California, 2003)

“This award is given to restaurants that are favorites of the local community. Your broad menu, warm atmosphere and gracious staff have made your restaurant a town institution.”
Phantom Gourmet

“Jean-Louis” is one of Phantom’s “GREAT ATE” for fine dining
Wine Spectator
John Mariani (December 2001)

Great article on our wine cellar and cuisine. John Mariani who was among the first to “discover” us in the early 80s and talk at large about our wine cellar and buying philosophy.
The Chefs Guide to America’s Best Restaurants

Where do Chefs dine when in Greenwich? Which restaurant Chefs do recommend? Only one restaurant listed: RESTAURANT JEAN-LOUIS
A Masterpiece
Julie Wilson (Connecticut Magazine, August 2001)

The entire article about chef Jean-Louis’ philosophy, the restaurant history and the “Linda-Jean Louis team” is beautifully written.
On the Menu
John Mariani (

“As refined as any French restaurant in Manhattan without a whit of pretense.”
Dining Guide
(Connecticut Magazine, December 1999)

**** Four Stars. “Gerin has kept his restaurant small and intimate, while at the same time proffering a cuisine as complex, varied and impressive as what you might find at a gastronomic palace with an army of chefs tolling away in a vast kitchen.”
Cupid Cuisine
John Mariani (Robb Report, February 2000)

“The details of hospitality, starting with well-set tables in an intimate dining room, make this one one of the most pleasurable dining experiences in America.”
Flawless French in Greenwich
Patricia Brooks (New York Times, 1985)

*** Awarded three stars
Greenwich Times
Four stars, extraordinary (maximum)
Connecticut Magazine
Four stars, extraordinary (maximum)

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Media Appearances

In addition to writing for newspapers and magazines, Chef Jean-Louis has made numerous appearances on television. He is also very active in his local community activities, including the Greenwich Healthy Living Task Force.

“In the Kitchen”
WGCH Radio
Co-host of weekly radio show with Stephanie Crane

BARIMA RIVER Hearts of Palm
This all-natural foods product is harvested in Guyana.

The Greenwich Polo Grounds
Judge, Picnic Tailgate
Greenwich Concours d’Elegance

Since this event was created in 1997, Jean-Louis has been invited by the board to decorate a car in the tailgate for this prestigious event, celebrating fast tracks and the good life.

James Beard Foundation, New York
Jean-Louis has cooked at the James Beard House six times.

Macy’s & Bloomingdale’s
Cooking demonstrations for Cuisinart, Black & Decker and Calphalon